From the Stand

As a mama of boys and married to a hunter, I found myself sitting in a deer stand for the first time this year. While quietly waiting for something to happen From the Stand, a dream was born. Little did I know at the time, From the Stand was more than a moment in the woods, it was a movement of bold faith.  From the Stand of faith, God's potential for our lives is limitless.  You might just find yourself in a life changing conversation because of a t-shirt. Share the hope of the world on your sleeves and live by His grace in your heart. Let us be the light for the world around us and by the grace of God in and through us. Join us each week for #wearablefaithwednesday and post your pictures of faith  on social media. From the Stand of faith, or From the Stand in the woods- take one - and be amazed at what God can do through you!